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California Community College Seal2013 Conference Documents

° Setting Our Sights (307k Powerpont)
   - Kathy Booth, Executive Diretor, RP Group
° Student Success Act Implementation Update (2Mb Powerpoint)
   - Linda Michalowsky, Vice Chancellor, CCCCO
     & Sonia Ortiz-Mercado, Dean of Students, CCCCO
° Student Success Update (1.1Mb Powerpoint)
   - Patrick Perry, Vice Chancellor, CCCCO
° Basic Skills in CCC: Administrator's Guide (672k Powerpoint)
   - Robin Richards, UPSS, Cañada College & Barbara Illowsky, CCCCO
° The State of Transfer in California (709k Powerpoint)
   - Jeff Spano, CCCCO, Nathan Evans, CSU, & Shawn Brick, UC
° Potential of Transcript-Based Placement (1.4Mb Powerpoint)
   - Terrence Willett, RP Group, & Gregg Peterson, Long Beach College
° Working in Collaboration for Student Sucesss:
   CSSOs, CIOs Academic Senate (1.4Mb Word
   - Mary Benard, VPI, & Dick Robertson, VPSS, MiraCosta College
° Facilitated Discussion Notes from Thursday March 14, 2013 (20k Word)
   - Mandy Devies, Jeff Baker, Ron Travenick, Erika Endrijonas,
     Peter White, Dennis Bailey-Fougnier


Ensuring Opportunities for Success for Every Student

Our Values
Student-centered/Students First

Sylvia Dorsey-Robinson, President

Sylvia Dorsey-Robinson
President, 2016-2017

Dear Colleagues:

Thank you for visiting the CCCCSSAA website.  We are a non-profit organization committed to “Ensuring Opportunities for Success for Every Student” in California’s Community College system.   Our membership is made up of dedicated student services professionals, who believe in ever students’ potential and whose core values are:
  • Student Centered/Students First
  • Passionate
  • Persevering
  • Authentic and
  • Knowledgeable

As an association, we recognize that these core values cannot be achieved and maintained without the commitment from the membership and support from constituents. We are dedication to collaboration, a culture of professional development, and a commitment to advocacy. 

We look forward to our partnerships and your participation in advancing the work of the Association.


Sylvia Dorsey-Robinson
CCCCSSAA President

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